“Business is like sports – you need a High-Performing Team to win.  Do you have a team that works cohesively to achieve your goals and win business championships?”
David W. Anderson

Helping people and companies thrive



Research shows that 50% of what people hear from speakers is forgotten in the first hour. After twenty-four hours, 70% is lost. After one week, people will forget 90%. I bring a new approach to my speaking by using a format that counters the forgetting curve (Hermann Ebbinghaus) to provide valuable content that leads to actionable next steps for attendees.

With a wealth of real-world experience, I captivate audiences with engaging stories of my champion’s journey, the failures I’ve learned from, and the insightful experiences I’ve had.


Building a High Performing Team

No team can win without a collaborative and efficient effort. No one person can carry a team, but one person can for sure keep a team from achieving its highest potential. Do you have a business leadership team that is operating at its highest and best level of performance? As a business coach, I help build high-performing teams. Click to learn more.


Organizational Success

A properly run corporate board or advisory board can drive exponential transformation and growth. Do you have a board? Does it do more than just meet a few times a year?

Effective board members do more than show up for meetings a few times a year. Active board members help coach executives, focus on accountability, and ask the tough questions others don’t. They focus on ensuring growth and building a high-performing team.

The Book

Helping Emerging Leaders Thrive

Leader Is Not A Title is not just another book full of leadership theories. No one needs another book like that. Leaders at all levels need something practical, something that works. Leader Is Not A Title is that handbook. It’s a guidebook to shift your mindset and help you to develop your own leadership competencies.

David Anderson learned this mindset from his personal experiences traveling the world on behalf of two United States presidents and more than 20 years in leadership positions as an entrepreneur and business leader.