Research shows that 50% of what people hear from speakers is forgotten in the first hour. After twenty-four hours, 70% is lost. After one week, people will forget 90%.


I offer services for keynote addresses, speeches, moderating, facilitating meetings and MCing events. I bring a new approach to my speaking by using a format that counters the forgetting curve (Hermann Ebbinghaus) to provide valuable content that leads to actionable next steps for attendees.

You’ll hear my anecdotes and witness my ability to inspire a fresh perspective on leadership while learning how to build high-performing teams. With my extensive leadership background and charismatic personality, I not only share valuable insights but also captivate audiences, motivating them to reach heights they might not have considered achievable. At the end of each presentation, attendees walk away with actionable items they can begin implementing.


Notable Speaking Engagements
Speaking Articles
Leadership in Sports Terms

So many sports analogies, lessons, and philosophies apply to business—and for good reason. To stay on top of your

Specific Presentations:

Defining Success and your Leadership Triangle

Navigating the tension of the person you portray, the person you really are and the person you want to be.

What is your organization's Super Bowl?

Building a high-performing team that wins in business like sports teams do on the field.

Your Leadership Journey™

Failure, frustration, loneliness, learnings, growth, and success—how to navigate it all.