With a strategic mindset, strong leadership, and a commitment to excellence, I'm here to drive your organization's success.


Drawing from my industry expertise, financial acumen, and networking skills, I can bring fresh perspectives and solutions to the table.

My dedication to governance, diversity, and effective communication ensures a well-rounded contribution to your board. Let’s work together to achieve your organization’s mission. Contact me to get started today.

With a wealth of real-world experience, I captivate audiences with engaging stories of my champion’s journey, the failures I’ve learned from, and the insightful experience I’ve had.

As a dedicated and experienced board member, I bring a wealth of skills, expertise, a commitment to excellence, and board training from IMD University in Switzerland and sessions at the Institute of Corporate Boards. My experience includes the board chair position for a large global organization.


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Things I bring to a board:

Productive Board Culture

As board chair of a large global organization, I worked hard to build a board culture that allowed for trust and respect, ensuring the organization’s best interests were always put first.

Strategic Vision

I have a proven track record of developing and executing strategic plans that drive organizational growth and innovation. My ability to think long-term, set clear objectives, and adapt to changing landscapes ensures your organization remains on the path to success.


With a leadership style that encourages collaboration and innovation, I can foster a positive board dynamic. I believe in empowering team members and promoting a culture of accountability, transparency, and inclusivity.

Financial Acumen

A deep understanding of financial management is essential for any board member. I have completed five acquisitions for my own businesses. I can provide valuable insights into budgeting, financial analysis, and risk management to help your organization maintain its fiscal health.

Commitment to Excellence

I am dedicated to the success of your organization, and I take my role as a board member very seriously. You can count on me to attend meetings, fulfill my responsibilities, and consistently act in the best interests of the organization.