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Establishing an Advisory Board at Different Stages of Your Business

Every leader—and therefore every business—benefits from outside advice, whether you’re a thirty-year veteran CEO at a Fortune 50 company, an entrepreneur launching your first startup, or a mid-career executive at a medium-sized company. No one has all the answers, regardless of their experience, education, or training.

Building Community within Your Board

Your board of directors is crucial to your organization’s success. This group offers outside perspectives and invaluable expertise while holding leadership accountable and providing governance, oversight, and strategy to support your business.

Ethical Leadership: The Role of Boards in Fostering Ethical Practices

Anybody who watches the news or even casually follows politics knows that there’s a bit of an ethical crisis occurring in the world right now. Ethical lines are blurring and shifting. Navigating the current landscape and maintaining ethical principles as a leader are challenging to say the least. The need to hold people—and organizations—accountable has never been more apparent. In business, that’s where your board of directors comes in.

Strategies for Handling Conflict among Board Members

The worst way to manage conflict is to eliminate it. Conflict—done right—is actually a great thing for teams, including boards. In fact, if your board of directors has the right structure and the right mix of people, conflict is inevitable. It’s all in how you approach conflict.

How to Form a High-Performing Board of Directors

Your board of directors is crucial to your organization’s success. In fact, having a high-performing board of directors sets the tone for a high-performing organization. But how? By understanding the role of your board and identifying traits to instill—and those to avoid—you’ll set up your board, and your organization, for success.