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In the blogs below, I dig deeper into specific topics from the book and share about exclusive leadership topics. These posts are meant to generate ideas about how you can evolve as a leader. I keep them short, and several of them ask questions that spur you to take action.

How to Foster A Company Culture of Shared Vision

We’ve all probably heard enough motivational talks about teamwork to last us a lifetime (remember “There’s no ‘I’ in team?”), but sometimes, familiarity breeds just enough contempt to make us dismiss valuable information that we need to hear…

Leadership 101

Most people have two lives: a professional life and a personal one. However, as much as we may try to prevent it, it’s impossible to keep these lives from blurring into each other. Each of us carries a bit of our personal life into our business hours, just as we carry a bit of our work ethic into our lives at home…